“Working with my hands, is therapeutic.”

Puiming.com showcases my works of knitting, lace making, embroidery, handcrafted felt and leather accessories, weaving as well as paper art.

About Puiming

I like my Cantonese name—Pui meaning plentiful and Ming meaning bright and brilliant. Chinese parents love to reflect their expectations on their children in the names given to them. I guess my parents wanted me to be brilliant in at least something; I believe my ability is working with my hands.

I have dainty fingers. I also have patience that allows me to sit for hours, if not days, merely crafting what I am obsessed with. The process is therapeutic; pure and direct interactions with the materials, being able to amplify my creativity and yet following certain norms of the craft.

People describe me as “Jack of all trades, master of none”. My belief is, life is too short. Why not enjoy doing what I love to do instead of forcing myself to be focused on only one skill?

100% Hong Konger

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