Warp & Weft

Willow Basket
I would not have been able to finish this willow basket without the teaching and guidance of Heike in the basket making workshop at Tinahely Farm Shop in Co. Wicklow. Heike mentioned that every weaved basket we see in shops is handmade as there is no basket weaving machine in the world. I feel shocked then on how low the price of these baskets generally is when compared to the amount of effort one needs to put in from start to finish (my hands were sore for a number of days after the workshop)!

This is the first basket I have ever made in my life. The darkest colour willow sticks used are the ones with skin on; the lightest cream colour ones are sticks with skin-off; the mid-tone ones are in fact skin-off after steaming process.

Willow basket for now, perhaps a handbag in the future
It was the second time that I joined the willow basket making workshop at Tinahely Farm Shop in Co. Wicklow taught by Heike. I aimed at making a smaller and more delicate basket than my last one, which I thought should be easier, but Heike told me that smaller baskets are indeed more difficult to make. What a challenge I gave to myself! I’m glad that the basket turned out to be very nice, and now I’m thinking turning it into a handbag. Yes, a handbag. Sounds a bit crazy but I’m exploring the possibility. See if it will work.

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