Srce (Heart)
Idrija, Slovenia has unique bobbin lace making tradition. Designed by Simona Strgulc Krajšek, this beautiful heart is one of the iconic heart patterns, in which the level of difficulty is suitable for me to practise as a beginner. I used nine pair of bobbins and the high-quality Fil au Chinois cotton threads which I bought in Maison Sajou, one of my favourite shops in Paris to make the lace.

Bedfordshire Teardrop Edging
This attractive pattern is adapted from an antique pricking by Christine Springett. Over 40 pairs of of bobbins were used. The smaller the pattern the potentially more difficult to make is what I would feel in the world of bobbin lace. Having broken lots of times the fine cotton threads I managed to control the tension better. How about using it to frame a picture?

Antique Diamond Lace Collar
This beautiful pattern is adapted from an old lace collar by Christine Springett. It needs 45 pairs of of bobbins to complete. I always wonder how to make three dimensional elements in bobbin lace, and through this pattern I’m able to learn how to make the raised tallies, which is like magic to me.

Bedfordshire Handkerchief Edging
The more I practise making Bedfordshire lace, the more I fall in love with it. Vivid and elegant are the words that I would use to describe this style of lace. Not easy to learn with usually requiring a lot of pairs of bobbins to complete, but the satisfaction I get after completion is beyond belief. This is a super nice edging pattern prepared by Christine Springett. I am going to sew this completed edge onto a compatible cotton fabric and turn it into a handkerchief for the bride.

Recycled Denim Torchon Mat
The circular torchon is designed by Ann Margaret Keller, my wonderful bobbin lace teacher. It is more difficult to see what I am doing with black cotton threads than using white or other lighter colour threads; I am therefore relying a lot on daylight to make the piece. 13 pairs of bobbins are needed for this pattern and the high-quality black threads are from Fil au Chinois available at Maison Sajou in Paris.

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