Knitting For Her

Snowy Forest
Such a joy knitting this sweater! Pattern is very well written, and the lilac colour captures my heart 💜💜💜
Pattern: Snowy Forest by Midori Hirose, from Issue 10 of Laine Magazine
Yarn: Thistle, Big Merino DK and Kid Mohair Silk from Qing Fibre

Snowy Forest No.2
I love this pattern so much that I knitted another one for my sister! A slightly different colour this time 💕
Pattern: Snowy Forest by Midori Hirose, from Issue 10 of Laine Magazine
Yarn: Strawberry, Big Merino DK and Kid Mohair Silk from Qing Fibre; Light Lavender, Garnstudio DROPS Kid-Silk

Art Deco Sweater
The pattern of this Art Deco sweater is from the book Art Deco Knits: Creating a Hand-knit Wardrobe Inspired by the 1920s – 1930s by Jemima Bicknell. I pick Økologisk Sommeruld from CaMaRose to knit with, a summer yarn spun with organic wool and cotton fibres. My first time ever knitting a sweater, and indeed I’m proud of the outcome.

Bubble Cardigan
Bubble cardigan, my first ever knitted cardigan! Knitting pattern is from Ravelry by Siv Kristin Olsen. I knitted with the strong undyed organic Zelazna Wool yarn from Martin’s Lab in Poland. I like the raw and rustic feel of the yarn, and the bubbles popped out very well. I was hesitating whether the Art Deco buttons I ordered from Vintage Button Emporium would match with the cardigan; I realized that I worried in vain in the end—they do look good on the cardigan, in a contrasting but nice way I would say 🙂

Victory Jumper
I love vintage patterns. This classic 1945 Victory Jumper is one of the original 1940s patterns from Britain. During the Second World War women in the country were encouraged to contribute to the war by knitting, in particular for the troops. Many patterns were given away for free. This pattern, together with some others are now freely accessible from V&A’s website. The yarns as suggested for knitting the jumper are discontinued, but I find the Irish Studio Donegal Darnie yarns (Navy, Rowan Berry and White) good alternatives.

Decorative Lace Collar
Instead of wool based yarn, I knitted this elegant lace collar with 100% linen yarn from Växbo Lin in Sweden so that it can be worn in hot and humid weather. This pattern comes from one of my favourite knitting books Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible: 260 Exquisite Patterns by Hitomi Shida. The little pearl button is salvaged from my old sweater—perfect match indeed.

Rising Dawn
People say steady pace wins the race. Several rows a day and here is my Rising Dawn, my first ever knitted semi-circular shawl. Pattern is designed by Stephen West, and yarn choice is Field, hand dyed singles from Irish mill Olann. Very unique colour of the yarn indeed.

It is always tricky to knit with variegated yarns as it is difficult to find a knitted pattern that matches well with the colour changes of the yarn. I knitted this scarf with wavy drop stitches, which I found the outcome playful yet decent. The hand-dyed Irish yarn is Drury DK from Townhouse Yarns bought in This Is Knit in Dublin.

Parelli Shawl
Art Deco always fascinates me, and I’m glad that I can apply it on knitting. I knitted the Parelli Shawl from the book Art Deco Knits: Creating a Hand-knit Wardrobe Inspired by the 1920s-1930s by Jemima Bicknell. The leafy pattern is classic and timeless. Knitting with laceweight yarn is challenging but the fineness of the completed piece worth all my time and effort. I’m working with Trinity 2ply from Townhouse Yarns for this shawl.

Rhinebeck Hat
I’m truly a fan of Woolly Wormhead. Her creations are amazing and this Rhinebeck Hat pattern is definitely one of my favourites. The hand-dyed double-knit Irish yarns are Drury DK from Townhouse Yarns bought in This Is Knit in Dublin.

Beanie Bopper for Her
This age and gender neutral pattern, Beanie Bopper by Woolly Wormhead, is highly recommended for someone looking for a quick and easy knitting project. I knitted with big merino chunky yarns hand dyed by Qing Fibre in the U.K..

Winter Dunes
I found this beautiful rib and fan pattern at Drops Design called Winter Dunes and decided to give it a go. It’s a bit slouchy yet stylish. The creamy colour is simply unbeatable. I’m also using the hand-dyed variegated Irish Drury DK Townhouse Yarns bought in This Is Knit in Dublin, which comprises 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon.

Peachy Fingerless Gloves
I found a big hole on my very old pair of gloves when I was preparing to wear them! Repair is an option, but they’re so worn that I’d better knit myself a new pair. A great excuse to self-learn how to knit gloves on YouTube. Simple pattern indeed, including 2 x 2 rib, cable stitch and knit. Left hand is almost done now. I’m knitting with the peachy Drury DK of Townhouse Yarns on 3mm needles.

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