A Tribute to Tradition

Le Coeur
This glamorous heart is my first completed piece in haute couture embroidery learning with Elisabeth Roulleau, an amazing teacher and woman whom I felt grateful to meet in my life. Comprising beads, tubes, sequins, felt fabric and metallic threads, the heart is sewn with a Lunéville hook on transparent silk organza stretched on a frame. Further learning on haute couture embroidery will be continued in France in the foreseeable future, which would also give me an opportunity to source beautiful beads and sequins at Fried Fréres in Paris.

Double Happiness
Double Happiness, or “囍” in Chinese, is a traditional symbol celebrating marriage. I did this embroidery as a little exotic blessing to an Irish couple getting married. The double happiness symbol is sewn on transparent silk organza using raised satin stitch with DMC cotton threads in warm and celebratory colour tones. The embroidery is framed on a 5-inch circular beech embroidery hoop by Elbesee.

This 5-inch circular embroidery piece is inspired by Hanami, or flower viewing in Japan. I have in mind a picture of sakura (cherry blossoms) in full bloom that I have seen in Kyoto; I then let my hands move freely over the recycled denim fabric doing French knots with DMC cotton threads. The outcome is picturesque, with French knots imitating the sakura and the denim fabric representing the sky.

Denim Blossom Brooch/ Hair Accessory
I was reviewing my previous works while an idea popped into my mind:  how about making a twist on the felt flower brooch that I made earlier with recycled denim fabric from my old and torn pair of jeans, plus a bit of stitching with colourful with DMC cotton threads?

I particularly like the frayed edges, which reflects the decaying nature of flowers. Running stitches with colourful threads makes the denim flower more vivid.

This denim flower can be used either as a brooch, hair accessory, or decoration on your tote… anywhere you find it possible.

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